What to Know Before Working with a Bail Bondsman

Are you looking to hire a bail bondsman to help you avoid spending time in jail? Woodard Bonding Company is here to provide the help you need. Our company serves Tennessee 24/7 and has many years of experience expediting jail releases and bail posting. Here’s an overview of five things you should know before working with a bail bond agent:

1.    Is The Bondsman State Licensed?

You shouldn’t hire a bond dealer without the appropriate license. In Tennessee, all bail bondsmen are expected to pass a test before receiving their license. Woodard Bonding Company will provide you with state-licensed bail bondsmen for your case. We’re open to providing you with our Tennessee Association of Bail Agents license number. Working with licensed and insured bondsmen helps guarantee the best experience.

2.    What Are the Bondsman’s Terms/Fees?

The Tennessee Association of Bail Agents regulates how bail bond agents must operate within the state. Once a bail amount is determined, you can provide it from your pocket. You can also let our bail bond agents cover the amount for a small fee based on the bail amount. If you appear in court until the day of the final verdict, the court will refund the bail. Our team will only charge you the stated fee and any additional expenses incurred during the process.

3.    How Fast Can The Bondsman Post Bail?

Woodard Bonding Company strives to get you or your loved one out of jail as fast as possible. When one is arrested, they’ll be taken in for booking, which requires an hour or more, depending on the information needed. After booking, you can call your family, friends, lawyer, or bondsman to post your bail. We’re available 24/7, so you can contact us anytime, day or night, and we’ll post your bail. We serve all areas of Tennessee and we also provide over-the-phone services.

4.    How Long Have You Been Posting Bail?

Years of practical experience can impact the services you get from a bail bondsman. The most competent bondsmen are educated and boast several years of combined experience in the industry. Woodard Bonding Company was founded in 1972, so you can expect to work with experienced bondsmen. We serve the municipal, state, superior and federal courts and are ready to get you out of jail in no time. Our bondsmen are knowledgeable and understand all circumstances that our clients may be in.

5.    Does the Bondsman Provide Paperwork?

You need a written contract when working with a bail bond agency. The contract features all critical aspects of the agreement, including the fees, payment terms and schedules, and interest rates. You should also know how much you’ll owe for failing to attend court dates. We may request financial records to determine your eligibility to pay the fee and bail if you don’t appear in court. You’re welcome to seek clarification concerning any part of the contract.

Working With a Local Bail Bondsman

When working with a bail bondsman, verify that the agency is locally operated. Working with a local bail bondsman has many advantages, including easy communication and relevant professional experience in your area.

At Woodard Bonding Company, we focus on serving our local communities throughout Sumner County, Tennessee. Since our establishment in 1972, our mission has been to provide surety bail bond services to the general public. Contact us today to learn more about our services and locations.