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What Is a Surety Bail Bond?

A bail bond is also called a surety bond. A Bail bond is a financial guarantee that a person who has been arrested and charged with a crime is going to fulfill all of the courts orders and is going to appear before the court when required. After a bond has been posted, the defendant is released from custody on bail until their court hearing date. The courts set the bail amount, but most people want to be released from jail immediately rather than waiting days in jail to see a judge.

The bonding process is a contractual undertaking, involving a licensed bail bondsman, an indemnitor (person requesting the bail), and the court. This is the type of release most courts prefer because it guarantees that if the defendant fails to appear in court, the bonding agent will immediately attempt to locate the defendant, apprehend him or her, and then surrender them back to the court.

The Bail Bond Process

  1. You contact Woodard Bonding 24 Hours a day/7 days a week – in and around Hendersonville, TN.
  2. Your Woodard Bonding Agent will ask you for specific information about your friend or relative who is detained, including the following:
    • What is the person’s full legal name?
    • What is the person’s date of birth?
    • What county is the person being held in?
    • What is the charge?
    • How much is the bail amount? (Your Agent may also require some basic information about the accused: his or her personal history, including where they work/school, previous arrests, and residency information.)
  3. You provide Woodard Bonding with a percentage of the total bail amount (typically only 10%).
  4. We will contact the jail facility and determine exact bail information and arrange to have your friend/relative released.
  5. Your Woodard Bonding Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.

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