Can I Have a Cosigner for My Bail Bonds?

Bail can be a substantial amount of money, making getting a  cosigner beneficial. The amount is based on one’s criminal history, the probability of conducting further criminal activities, and whether they’re a flight risk. Courts set high bail amounts for people with a criminal history and those considered likely to try to escape the justice system.

Woodard Bonding Company allows people who can’t afford to pay bail bonds independently to use cosigners. Your cosigner takes responsibility for the bail bond. They’re required to pay the bail amount and all fees associated with bail bond services if the defendant doesn’t fulfill their obligations, such as appearing in court.

We typically require cosigners to provide 10% of the total bail amount. After you or your cosigner provides the 10%, our agents will contact your jail facility to cover the rest of the bail and get you released.

How To Choose a Cosigner

At Woodard Bonding Company,  we understand the importance of finding the right cosigner for your bail bond. Here are the factors we recommend you consider when choosing one:

Your Relationship

A cosigner should be someone you trust and have a close relationship with, including your close friend or family member. A good relationship can foster communication and promote trust, which can help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Your cosigner will be responsible for making sure you attend all your court appearances and remain compliant with the terms of the bail bond. Choosing someone who knows you well and has a vested interest in your success may increase your chances of successfully navigating the bail bond process.

Financial Stability

Your cosigner should have a stable financial situation to cover the bail bond and associated fees. A financially stable cosigner will need to cover your bond if you fail to appear in court. Find someone with a steady income, sufficient assets, and minimal debt. This way, your cosigner won’t be subjected to undue financial hardship.

Legal History

A cosigner with previous legal issues can potentially hinder your case, as their background may raise red flags for the court. Choose a cosigner with a clean legal history, free from outstanding warrants. Such cosigners can provide a sense of security to the court and our bond agents.

Availability of Collateral

Collateral acts as a security for the bail bond. Choose a cosigner with sufficient collateral to increase the likelihood of getting a bail bond at lower rates. Your cosigner should have vehicles, properties, and other valuable assets like jewelry.


A responsive cosigner promptly returns your calls, keeps you informed of any developments in your case, and is available whenever needed. Delays or miscommunications with your cosigner could lead to consequences such as missed court dates or revoked bail. By selecting a responsive cosigner, you’ll have a reliable support system throughout your legal proceedings.

Woodard Bonding Company Can Facilitate Your Release

Woodard Bonding Company is available 24/7 to cater to our clients, so you can reach us anytime. Our team will explain your obligations and take you through the process of getting bail bonds with a cosigner. Contact us for reliable surety bail bond services.