How Is Bail Determined?

how to determine bail

After an individual has been arrested or charged with a crime, the judge can set bail to release the accused from custody while awaiting trial. The bail amount depends on several factors, including criminal history and flight risk. Woodward Bonding Company provides bail bonds in Summer County, TN, to help you or your loved one…

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Can I Leave the State on Bail?

out of state bail bonds

Posting bail allows you to resume regular activity without spending more time in jail. The terms of your bail determine whether or not you’re allowed to leave your home, state, or country. Woodard Bonding Company can provide an experienced bail bondsman to guide you through the bailing process. Leaving the State While Out on Bond…

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4 Things To Look For in Bail Bond Services

bail bond services

When you are facing arrest and need to post bail, bail bonds can help secure your release. At Woodward Bonding Company, we offer bail bond services to our clients in Tennessee. Here are four things to look for in bail bond services: Licensing and Accreditation Before choosing a bail bond agent, verify that the company…

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