Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

benefits of bail bonds

If you or your loved one gets arrested, you need to make bail, which can be challenging to come up with. A bail bonds service can post bail so you can be free while waiting for trial. At Woodard Bonding Company, we have highly trained staff who will try their best to expedite the release…

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Can I Get Collateral Back After Paying My Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds and collateral

Working with a bail bonds agent can help you keep your loved one from spending a night in jail. If you need bail services, Woodard Bonding Company is for you. Our bonding company provides surety bail bond services for the general public in Sumner County, Tennessee. People looking to post bail and secure the release…

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How Can I Pay Bail With Bail Bonds?

Paying bail with bail bonds

Many defendants cannot afford to pay the entire amount of bail themselves. Bail bonds help defendants to pay the jail to avoid imprisonment while awaiting trial or court. Woodward Bonding Company has highly trained staff who will work hard to help you speed up the bail and release process. Here is how you can pay…

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How Fast Can a Bail Bondsman Get Someone Out of Jail?

Get out of jail fast

Woodard Bonding Company works around the clock and offers multiple communication channels. Our 24/7 services mean you can get a bail bondsman anytime. We have experienced bail agents who work to ensure you or your loved one doesn’t spend the night in jail. You’ll still go through processing, bail hearing, and posting before release, but…

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Are There Limits on Bail Bonds?

bail bond limits

The stress and anxiety of having a loved one in jail can be draining. With bail bond limitations and restrictions depending on various factors, you may also wonder what the court will determine financially about the case. The court expects judges to justify their bail levels based on the facts. At Woodard Bonding Company, we…

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Do Bail Bonds Go on Your Credit Report?

Bail bonds on your credit report

Are you struggling to bail out your loved one due to financial constraints? Bail bonds help you reconnect with them as you await a court hearing. Whether you co-sign with the defendant or take complete responsibility to make payments, bail bond proceedings do not automatically reflect on your credit report. At Woodard Bonding Company, we…

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What to Know Before Working with a Bail Bondsman

work with a bail bondsman

Are you looking to hire a bail bondsman to help you avoid spending time in jail? Woodard Bonding Company is here to provide the help you need. Our company serves Tennessee 24/7 and has many years of experience expediting jail releases and bail posting. Here’s an overview of five things you should know before working…

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What Are Bail Bonds?

what are bail bonds

Appearing in court is a traumatic experience you and your loved ones go through when settling charges. To avoid going to jail while awaiting trial, you pay a sum of money called a bail bond. The availability of bail bonds helps prevent you or your loved one from going to jail unless the circumstances make…

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What is a Bail Bondsman?

If you have a loved one who is in jail, you are probably trying to find a way to help them. A bail bondsman can assist you in getting the person out of jail until they have a trial. You must understand what they do and what your responsibilities will be throughout the process. Woodard…

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