5 Reasons To Work With a Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman, also known as a bail bond agent or dealer, pledges money or property as bail for a defendant. If you or a loved one is arrested, they provide services to help you get released from jail. Woodard Bonding Company provides surety bond services in the Sumner County area. Here are five reasons to work with a bail bondsman:

1. Effortless Process

bail bondsman and any bail bond agencies, including Woodard Bonding Company, are open 24/7 to help make the process easy. Be prepared to answer questions about you or the arrested person, including a full legal name, date of birth, and details about past arrests. Then, discuss the bail amount and other related information before being released.

2. Fair and Legal

Bail bonds are legal and contribute to an efficient justice system. Under the Eighth Amendment, bail cannot be excessive, but not all amounts are reasonably accessible to the general population. A bondsman provides a link between the accused and pre-trial freedom. They incentivize defendants to attend court appearances, prevent jail overcrowding, and uphold the foundational principle of the presumption of innocence.

3. Reduce Jail Time

Legal proceedings often take months, and if a defendant cannot post bail, they remain in jail until their appointed court date. Working with a bondsman lets a defendant spend time preparing their case and strategy instead of in jail. A quick release allows a defendant to avoid unwanted attention by keeping their arrest discreet before trial.

4. Secure and Convenient

The bonding process is a contractual agreement between a licensed bondsman, defendant, and the court. A surety bond promises the person charged will appear for their trial. If not, the bond agent locates them and surrenders the individual to the authorities. This type of bond contract is simple to enter and can be preferred because of its security measures.

5. Reliability

Securing bail funds by working with a bail bondsman is often a more reliable method than gathering funds from family and friends. It also comes with professional advice since bail bond agents are experts who understand the arrest process and paperwork involved. Their knowledge can point you in the right direction for legal advice, your rights, and any limitations in your situation.

What is the Bail Bond Process?

Bail bonds are an option in most states, and each has its own process. Woodard Bonding provides 24/7 surety bail bond services for the Hendersonville, Tennessee, area. Choose a local professional bail bondsman, as they are familiar with the necessary bail paperwork and release steps for your state. In many cases, you provide information to a bail bond agent, sign a contractual agreement, and the agent handles the legal proceedings for release.

Choosing a Bail Bondsman

Ask the right questions to find a bail bondsman that meets your needs, including whether it’s a company or individual, if they have their bail bond license, and the type of bonds offered. Surety bonds, like those from Woodard Bonding, may be preferred in most courts. They have a straightforward process that can start over the phone. Call us today to learn more.