Can I Use the Same Bail Bondsman Multiple Times?

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a second time, you can still call your local bail bondsman to get you out on bail. Woodard Bonding Company has provided bail bond services for Sumner County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

A Second Arrest With Impending Charges

You may be arrested for a second crime after being bonded out for the other charges from a previous situation. You can call the same bonding company to bail you out for the second charge that handled the first arrest. Since they won’t automatically receive notification of the second arrest, you’ll need to contact them to take your new case.

While you have impending charges, a second arrest could result in a higher bail amount. You also risk having the first bond revoked, which means you’ll be remanded into custody to await a trial. Woodard Bonding Company can help you navigate the complicated issues that come from a second arrest with the experience of our agents.

Multiple Arrests From the Past

Even if there is a prior arrest record, you can continue to use the same bonding company for bail. Whether those arrests happened a few months ago or many years back, it doesn’t matter. We can still cover you.

The new bail hearing is based on the current case information. However, if the new charges violate any prior agreements, the judge will consider this in the hearing. Woodard Bonding can answer your questions and work to get you or your loved one released sooner because they understand the system.

Only One Bond Posting

When a person is arrested, they often have multiple people working on getting them out on bail. You may call a local bondsman while your family is contacting someone else to help. If a bondsman initiates a bond to get you released from jail after another person has posted a bond, you will only pay for the one bond posting.

The court accepts the first person to arrive and post bail. The second and any other attempts at bail are automatically blocked. You don’t owe the second bondsman any money since they didn’t secure the bond, and you aren’t locked into a contract until the bondsman posts bail.

Choose a Bail Bondsman With Experience and Expertise

If you or your family member has had multiple arrests, you want a bonding company with the experience to handle any added complications from multiple arrests. You want them to get you or your loved one released right away.

Woodard Bonding has experience in complex arrests. We have been working for the people of Sumner County and other areas since 1972. We always have someone on hand to answer calls to start the process. To find out more information about Woodard Bonding or to get help now, give us a call.