How To Choose a Bail Bond Co-Signer

A bail bond is a financial agreement made by or on behalf of a defendant that guarantees that they will appear for trial or forfeit the agreed sum of money. A bail bondsman provides bail money to defendants to help them get out of jail as quickly as possible. Bonding companies usually require a co-signer to secure a bail bond. When choosing a bail bond co-signer, choose someone with the following characteristics:

They Have a Relationship With You

Co-signers provide additional confirmation that you, as the defendant, will attend your scheduled court dates when you are summoned. If you do not follow these requirements, your co-signer could be held responsible for the full bond amount. For this reason, it is often best to have a relationship with the co-signer. Co-signers can technically be any person that you know, but the paperwork is more likely to be accepted if you and the co-signer have a strong relationship. Options include your spouse, family members, friends, and co-workers. These people are also more likely to accept the potential financial responsibility because of their connection to you.

They Are Nearby and Available

It may be best to choose a co-signer who is geographically close to you and readily available to accept the legal obligations. This allows them to meet with the bondsman or court authorities and begin the bail process as soon as possible. Your co-signer may be able to live in a different state, but this varies based on the circumstances of your arrest. A bail bondsman from Woodard Bonding Company will determine whether being in the same state is necessary for your case.

They Are Responsible

Co-signers have many responsibilities, including confirming that you appear in court when summoned and covering the bail bond fee. They may also have to pay the full bond amount if you fail to meet the court’s obligations. Bonding companies may also require collateral in addition to their standard fees, depending on your case. Your co-signer could lose this cash collateral if you do not meet your legal requirements. Co-signing for bail is a significant responsibility, so our team requires that your co-signer is able to demonstrate that they are a responsible person who can vouch for you before allowing them to co-sign.

They Have Good Credit and Employment History

A good co-signer should have good credit and a history of stable employment. Having a good credit history shows that the co-signer likely has savings and is able to make regular payments if needed. A reliable employment history shows that the co-signer has a consistent source of income. This indicates that they are capable of covering the bail bond fee and any additional costs if the bail conditions aren’t met. These two factors demonstrate financial reliability, making the individual a good co-signing candidate.

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A bail bond helps you get out of jail so you can return to your responsibilities and daily activities. Family members and friends are often good choices for bail bond co-signers. Woodward Bonding Company has been serving Sumner County, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas since 1972. We have experience handling a variety of cases and are open 24/7 to assist you. Contact us today to complete your consultation and get your case resolved as soon as possible.