The Bail Bond Process in Tennessee

When an individual gets arrested, they may be granted bail to get out of jail until their trial. If the individual doesn’t have enough money to cover the bail amount, a bail bondsman can post the bail on their behalf. They’ll also help facilitate their release at a fee. Woodard Bonding is an experienced bail bonds company in Hendersonville, TN that helps individuals post bail. We also help get them released and resume their normal lives as they await trial. Here is how the bail bond process works in Tennessee:

Step One: Contacting a Bail Bonds Agent

Woodard Bonding can help you through the legal process with our expert bail bondsman. We pride ourselves on being an experienced bail bonds company. Our team has worked with many individuals to get their loved ones released. Our team knows what to do at each stage of the process. That helps us provide quick and efficient services. At our company, we process the necessary paperwork fast and post the bail immediately to secure a release. We also offer services 24/7 because we understand you may not want your loved one to stay long in jail.

Step Two: A Consultation With the Bail Bonds Agent

When you find Woodard Bonding, the next step is a consultation to understand the defendant’s situation. We will ask for details about the defendant, such as their full legal name, date of birth, address, work/school information, previous arrests, and other relevant personal details. Our staff will also ask for bail and jail details, including the charge, the bail amount, and the county where they’re held.

Step Three: Paying a Fee to the Bail Bondsman

After the consultation and determining the situation’s specifics, this next step involves paying a fee or premium to Woodard Bonding. The terms premium and bail bond amount are two separate conditions. A premium is the fee we collect as payment for providing our services, while the bail bond amount is the money we pay for the defendant to secure their release. The premium is usually 10% of the bail amount, which means that if the bail amount is $15,000, the premium will be $1500. There may be other fees that apply because various cases are different, and we’ll discuss all these fees with you upfront.

Step Four: Contacting the Jail Facility

This next step involves collecting the necessary information from the jail facility. The paperwork can be processed quickly and the bail bondsman can then post the bail immediately. They will have built great relationships with local jails and know who to talk to and what each jail facility requires to process your loved one’s release. They’ll speed up the process to allow your friend or family member to get released as fast as possible.

Step Five: The Bail Process 

Our team will notify you when we finalize everything and your loved one gets released. The individual can now resume work or school as they await trial. Failure to attend court hearings may result in re-arrest, potentially leading to bail amount forfeiture. At Woodard Bonding, we handle the whole process confidentially to preserve the defendant’s reputation.

Choose Woodard Bonding for Quality Bail Bondsmen

Your friend or family doesn’t have to spend time in jail if they cannot post bail. Woodard Bonding offers an expert bail bondsman who will help you get your loved one released. We’ll help you through the legal process and navigate the complexities of the situation. Contact us today to discuss your bail bond needs.