How Fast Can a Bail Bondsman Get Someone Out of Jail?

Woodard Bonding Company works around the clock and offers multiple communication channels. Our 24/7 services mean you can get a bail bondsman anytime. We have experienced bail agents who work to ensure you or your loved one doesn’t spend the night in jail. You’ll still go through processing, bail hearing, and posting before release, but our bondsmen can help expedite the process.

From Arrest To Bail Hearing

You can get out of jail within a few minutes or hours, depending on the crime, processing efficiency, and bondsman experience. Woodard Bonding Company specializes in helping clients get an early release. When you’re arrested, the police will turn you over for processing, which includes taking mugshots, fingerprints, and paperwork. They’ll finish arrest records, including an affidavit for the judge, stating the reason for the arrest.

A magistrate judge will receive your paperwork to decide if there’s enough evidence for the charges. You’ll appear before the judge and receive bail conditions and amount if the charges are warranted. The process can take a few hours. Once you accept the bail conditions and amount, we can help you post the bail and secure an early release from jail. Arrestees can do nothing more once they post bail. The key to early release is posting bail as soon as possible.

Posting Bail To Release

No standard timeframe exists for releasing arrestees who’ve posted bail. Depending on the court system and the jail’s workload, you may be free within a few minutes or several hours. Our experienced bondsmen can make sure you pay the bond early and leverage existing relationships to expedite the process. Arresting offices will still double-check the records to make sure you don’t have outstanding warrants.

The court also needs time to file your bail bond paperwork. Hiring our bondsman to post your bail gives you access to a professional advocate. Our team includes licensed professionals who know how the jail and court systems work. We also have many positive references. As a leading bonding company, we offer 24/7 services and have one priority: getting you out of jail. We serve Sumner County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

Can You Be Released Without Seeing a Judge?

Our experienced bail agents can secure your release from jail within a few hours of arrest. You can be free without going to court if no further delays occur. You’ll need to provide our bail agents with as much information as possible. Provide your legal name and date of birth and organize funds to be ready for the bailing fee. Our bondsman will help you avoid delays.

You’re eligible for bail if you’re arrested for nonviolent crimes and misdemeanors. Some facilities are notoriously slow and will drag out the process, but you should be free before the day ends. Our bondsmen are familiar with the jail and court system. We also help with the bail cost. The nature of the crime and jail system will determine whether you need to appear before a judge.

Where To Find A Bail Bondsman

You can find bail services online to keep yourself, your friend, or your loved one from spending long hours in jail. A reliable bail bondsman will work tirelessly to secure your release as soon as feasible. Choosing Woodard Bonding Company allows you to utilize five decades of experience serving the local community. Speak to a bondsman as quickly as possible to start your release process.